Small eruption of Mount Bromo

Once set Cautions on November 23, 2010, finally erupting Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, on Friday afternoon (26/11). It’s just a spewing eruption of smoke and ash as high as 1000 m are minor.

source: detik

Beware Bromo! Mount Bromo erupts Small

PROBOLINGGO-small eruption occurred at Mount Bromo at around 17:40. The eruption caused a gray-black smoke with a height of a column of smoke about 500 meters.

“Before the eruption, an earthquake tremor the meeting with an amplitude of about 15 millimeters. Because tremor enlarged, volcanic earthquake was not recorded,” said Chairman of the Emergency Response Team Mount Bromo, Gde Suantika.

The eruption was only around in the crater of Mount Bromo. Therefore, residents do not need to be evacuated. According Gde, this eruption may be followed by a larger eruption.