Sunny weather, Merapi Looks Clearly This Morning

Yogyakarta – This morning clouds and fog are usually covered, the peak of Merapi is not visible. Mount most active in Indonesia, this can be seen clearly from the region of Yogyakarta.

Body of Merapi, which is blue can be seen from the south and look good combined with the color of the colored sky younger. Even the visual look also still looking carefully from the Bantul region in the south of Yogyakarta city.

From observations in the distance, at the peak of Merapi seen thick white smoke that curved to the west. While on the slopes of the mountain looks that make the morning dew is less clear.

This beautiful scenery attract public attention this morning was to start activities. Not a few who stopped his vehicle or at least turned to the north for taking the view that not every morning Merapi can be seen clearly is.

“Looking at Merapi Mas. Pemandangane good,” said one student of Madrasah in Piyungan, Bantul is the time to stop the bike to see the sights of Merapi on Wednesday (10/11/2010).

More to the northern landscape is becoming increasingly obvious. As seen on Jl solo. Many people who make themselves available to come down from his vehicle just to see or even capture with camera phones.

Like yesterday, Merapi at night until this morning relative intensity decreases. But the clamor still be heard clearly from a number of such observation post in Balerante, Klaten and Pakem, Sleman.

“Volcanic smoke clearly visible to the west. There is a small avalanches. Thunder still sounded. So replace,” said one officer in post three, Balerante Klaten, via handytalky.

Sunny weather is being covered, Sleman district, Yogyakarta and Bantul in this morning after a night of heavy rain flushed the area.


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Victim Last 94 Killed, 218 Missing

YOGYAKARTA, Until this morning, the death toll from the massive eruption of Mount Merapi, on Friday (05/11/2010), which was taken to hospital Sardjito Yogyakarta numbered 94 bodies. 48 bodies of which can be identified by a joint team of the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI).

As stated by Teguh, a member of Yogyakarta Police DVI to, Tuesday (11/09/2010). “Families who reported the loss of family members amounted to 218,” he added.

As is known, 64 bodies had been buried in mass burial place of the general (TPU), Sleman regency. Some families brought the bodies for burial.

The death toll was certain to continue to grow because there are still many bodies are yet to be evacuated, especially in the vicinity of Kali Gendol, where pyroclastic flows or whedus gembel.

Eko Sulistyo, volunteers from PKPU, when contacted, said today PKPU team along with members of Kopassus and PMI will return to the Hamlet Ngepringan, Cangkringan, to evacuate about 10 bodies in the vicinity of Kali Gendol.

Two days ago, the team has been through a location which is about 10 kilometers from Merapi’s peak. Nevertheless, only one body that can be evacuated because of the condition of Merapi spewing hot clouds.

Merapi Activity is Still High but Declining Strength

Jakarta – Predicted eruption of Merapi activity is still high. But the relative strength decreased compared to the previous day.

“Yes indeed there is an increase yesterday, indeed since 7 November morning at 4 in the morning sharp increase in non-stop and the sound of thunder could be heard more than 40 km, 60 km, a voice so thunderous very strong last night,” said Head of Investigations and Research Technology Mount the fire (BPPTK) Yogyakarta Subandrio.

Especially on Sunday (11/07/2010) at around 23:00 pm there is a local tectonic earthquake, which according to previous Subandrio not impact directly on the volcanic activity of Merapi.

“So far, the activity was still high this morning, but its strength was relatively decreased compared to yesterday,” he explained.

For incandescent lava, commonly occurs when the eruption. Last week the dominant lava towards Kali Gendol and Kali Woro.

“For the lava, not to report today,” he said.

Thus, to a safe distance from the eruption of Mount Merapi, Subandrio still maintains 20 km, has not changed.

“It’s to the south, southeast and west. To the northwest and north, the District Boyolali and most secure of Klaten distance of 10 km,” he said.

He also appealed to people not easily provoked the issue.

“Especially for the people around Merapi eruption should not fall for the issue of up to 60 km, there are toxic gases and so on, until now not proven,” he message.

Mount Merapi erupts

Mount Merapi erupted at 17:02 pm on 26 October 2010. Mount Merapi eruption characterized by lava and hot clouds fall from the peak of Mount Merapi. The death toll is 15 people, including journalists VIVAnews, Yuniawan Nugroho and military volunteers, dr. Priyono said the spraying caused by hot clouds, bursts of heat clouds are also called wedhus gembel, the temperature around 500 degrees Celsius.

The eruption of Mount Merapi is claimed is more than that of Mount Merapi last erupted in 2006.

Chronology of Mount Merapi erupts:

  1. At 17:02 the hot clouds started happening for 9 minutes.
  2. At 17:18 there hot cloud for 4 minutes.
  3. At 17:23 there hot clouds for 5 minutes.
  4. At 17.30 hot clouds occur for 2 minutes.
  5. At 17:37 there hot clouds for 2 minutes.
  6. At 17:42 there huge hot cloud for 33 minutes.
  7. At 18:00 until 18:45 o’clock the sound of thunder from the observation post Mount Merapi whole observatories and Selo.
  8. The voice booms 3 times occurred at 18:10, at 18:15, and 18:25 o’clock.
  9. At 18:16 there hot clouds for 5 minutes.
  10. At 18:21 there huge hot cloud for 33 minutes.
  11. From the Observation Post G. Merapi Selo visible flame with a column of smoke billowing upward as high as 1.5 km from the summit Mount Merapi.
  12. At 18:54 pyroclastic activity began to subside.
  13. Hot clouds glide sector leading to the West-Southwest and South-East sector.

Mbah Maridjan Died

The caretaker, Mount Merapi Ki Surakso Hargo or Mbah Maridjan become victims and participate killed by a blast of pyroclastic eruption of Mount Merapi, in Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Tuesday (26/10) afternoon. Mbah Maridjan found dead inside his house and wearing batik and sarung in a prostrate position.

So Tsunami Victims Killed 347 People

To Thursday (28/10) at 17.00 deaths has reached 347 people, victims who lost 332 people.
Meanwhile, public house, which was heavily damaged recorded 436 units, 190 damaged units, and facilities for elementary education four units, one unit of high school. Public facilities in the form of six housing units, houses of worship six-unit, five-unit bridge, two locations resorts and cruise ships one unit.
Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno said all the victims died while still in Sikakap PHC, District Sikakap, Mentawai Islands District. Currently, the residents still in forging camps.

Council Request: Freeze Permit, Excavation C

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Death crash tragedy, limestone trucks that claimed six victims lives in Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran Km 19, South Kuta district on Wednesday (13/10) afternoon, a parliament Badung furiously. Council urges the Government of Badung Regency, freeze permit excavation C which contain the deadly truck fleet. In fact, there was a suggestion to build a bridge weigh in Uluwatu.

Member of Commission B DPRD Badung, I Wayan Puspa State, asked the local government act decisively following a deadly traffic accident on the road climbs a location north of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is. One of them, freeze the excavation C permit that overshadow bernopol deadly truck fleet DK 8949 BY it.

The reason, according to the Puspa Negara, deadly traffic accident that afternoon assessed due to human error or human negligence — including the truck driver. This deadly event practically affect the community psychology at Jimbaran area and beyond. “Clearly companies that overshadow the truck fleet must also be responsible. We hope the government takes a firm stance, if necessary remove the mining license excavation C it, “said Puspa Negara, Thursday (14/10).

Added Puspa Negara, at least business licenses this excavation C suspended until his case was completed. Puspa Negara also requested the Department of Transportation (Affair) Denpasar for a return to road worthiness test. This is in anticipation for a similar tragedy does not recur.

Confirmed NusaBali separately, Head of Mining and Energy Department of Cipta Karya (DKP), Badung, Putu Wiarka, explain to Thursday yesterday he had not yet dared to ensure the mining excavation C the type of limestone that overshadow the deadly truck fleets has full permissions or even illegal. Therefore, it has not taken any steps.

According Wiarka, deadly collision on the north side shopping complex GWK, it’s pure traffic accident. Because the location of the scene outside the mining area excavation C. “We also check the location of the mine (limestone hauled by a truck of death). What is clear, for which allowed the mine, the existing zoning zone, “said Wiarka.

Meanwhile, Vice Regent of Badung Ketut Sudikerta promised his side will right the situation of public transportation, especially trucks carrying excavation material C in the area of South Kuta. At the very least, there should be a routine check conditions before operating the truck on the road.

Sudikerta affirm, at this time is no longer the Badung regency increase business license excavation C. “Although there is still business excavation C, valid until the contract was later discharged. What is clear, now it does not give permission again, “explained Sudikerta when reviewing the location of deadly crash scene in Jimbaran, on Thursday. On that occasion, DPD I Golkar chairman also appealed Bendesa Bali Jimbaran Indigenous to immediately carry out a ritual ceremony at the location of the crime scene, to avoid another accident.

In the subdistrict of South Kuta, there are several point sites excavation  C, the type of limestone. Besides in Jimbaran, also in the Village Kutuh. Not yet known with certainty, from the location where the deadly truck nopol DK 8949 BY that claimed six lives during deadly collision that took the limestone material. What is clear, the truck driven by Ali Mastur (not Ali Mustafa, as reported earlier) was then sped from the south (Uluwatu) heading north (the village of Jimbaran).

On the other hand, Senator from Badung Bali, Nengah Wiratha, highlights the problem of Kir Vehicles as a source of deadly incidents in Jimbaran that. According Wiratha, deadly collision case is now in the spotlight in Jakarta, especially the problem about transport. Special cases of deadly crash in Jimbaran, it happened because of lack of supervision truckloads more than the authorities.

“I had phone Badung police chief and the Affair that Kir tightened. Truck loads more I think the cause of traffic accidents, not only because of brake free from tension, “said Wiratha who yesterday took to the location of the scene.

“I think this deadly accident impact than Kir surveillance vehicles that are less stringent because the action of an individual who still likes to play Kir. It should be disciplined, “continued the home village of DPD RI Kerobokan, North Kuta District, Badung this.

Affirmed Wiratha, Transport Department should be responsible with this problem if it violates lethal truck Kir. “I do not entirely agree brake tension said to be the cause of the accident. Bali provincial and regency of Badung should check this model vehicle. If no feasible way, stop the operation should not be given permission, “he said.

Confirmed Separately, Head of Department of Transportation Bali Made Santa said it had asked staff to check into the field, to determine if the deadly truck roadworthy or not. Including, check the feasibility test (Kir). “We’ve been instructed to check. Does his book Kir is still valid or not. We actually always do the test once every 6 months Kir, “said Made Santa.

Meanwhile, the police declare death not yet know whether the truck was overloaded or not when the accident occurred. The problem is, no weigh stations in the region. Therefore, the police proposal built soon weigh stations in the area of Uluwatu, Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung. “At Uluwatu no weigh stations, but there are many trucks that pass materials. Should be considered to build a weigh station,” said Adj Traffic Poltabes Denpasar, the AKP Arya Bima Viyasa. Meanwhile, officers Police Headquarters Forensic Laboratory Branch Denpasar still researching the exact cause of deadly crash that claimed six lives in Jimbaran. Tentative conclusions, deadly traffic accident is not due to brake free from tension, but due to human error.

Based on police investigation conducted by cooperating with Nissan ATPM Hino truck brands as the holder of it, ascertained the condition of the brakes in good condition. Bima Arya Viyasa asserted, sandals Ali Mastur’s driver, 48, was found still attached to the palms of the truck brakes. Based on field investigation, the driver did not even have time to do the braking.

“If it is connected with the scratch path, do not look any braking,” explained Bima Arya. That is, he continued, is a former branch (dings) tire suddenly. “If there is braking, there is definitely in the former two-wheel asphalt. Yesterday (Wednesday) there is no trace it, “he added.

Added Bima Arya, the deadly truck made in 2000 that still looks good and there are no signs of damage or engine brake. In fact, the deadly truck braking system nopol DK 8949 BY it is quite sophisticated. “Oli brake there is no leak at all, the tank was no indication of wind damage. If the wind damaged tank, usually watery, “explained Bima Arya.

Therefore, the conclusion deadly collision was caused by human error. Allegedly, the driver can not set the distance between his truck with three motorcycles in front of him. “As soon as hitting three motors, the truck driver panicked and eventually slammed the wheel to the right (east). So, the driver has not had time to do the braking, “he said.

The police ensure that the truck driver was Ali’s death Mastur (residents Munduk Bayur, Jembrana), the body was taken to Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, on Wednesday afternoon. Earlier, a truck driver named Ali Mustafa, in conditions of minor injuries, even secured to the police station. “The driver is now confirmed dead (Ali Mastur),” explained the former Bima Arya Gianyar Police then visible. In addition to the truck driver Ali Mastur death, the victim was killed in a pileup on Jalan Raya Uluwatu Jimbaran afternoon Km 19 each Dewa Ayu Citra Widia, 19 (karma Banjar Tarukan, Pejeng Village, District Tampaksiring, Herzliya), I Made Widiana, 50 ( Village manners dirty, Mengwi District, Badung), Wiranata, 37 (manners Ubung, north of Denpasar), Agus Swandi, 28 (from Madura, East Java), and then hangar, 25 (from Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara). Besides causing six deaths, traffic accidents are also caused damage to death 14 motorcycles, two trucks, and 9 units of shophouses at the scene. While carrying 16 people injured, including I Putu Setia Ramadika, 15 (high school I students in South Kuta) who lived in Perum Taman Penta / 31 Jimbaran, Kadek Darmayasa, 15 (origin Penta II Perum Taman Jimbaran Blok D), and Endik, 15 (class II junior high students Ungasan, Kuta Selatan). Until Thursday, the police had examined eight witnesses in the case of a collision is deadly in Jimbaran. However, no one has been named as a suspect, because the truck driver’s own death, Ali Mastur, was dead. 7 zu, CR39, grout, h