No Indonesian Hurt by Haiyan Typhoon

typoonJakarta  – No Indonesian Citizen is reported to have become a victim of the Haiyan typhoon that hit most of the Philippine archipelago on Friday.

According to information received from Siti Sofia, the Director of Media and Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most Indonesian citizens living in the Philippines reside in the Metro Manila area, so they have not been affected considerably.

“There are 30 Indonesian students residing in the Cebu area, which is one of the areas that has been severely affected by the storm,” Sofia revealed in Jakarta on Tuesday.

But Sofia further added that 16 of the 30 Indonesian students had been on their vacation leave in Indonesia, while the rest were reported to be safe, based on information received from the Indonesian Embassy in Manila

“The fourteen students are in a safe condition and are still being monitored by the Indonesian Embassy in Manila,” said Sofia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ data pegged the number of Indonesian citizens living in the Philippines at 6,451.

The Haiyan typhoon has resulted in the death of an estimated 10,000 people and hundreds have been rendered homeless.

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source : Antara Bali

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