Terrorist! Six people arrested in Central Java

Jakarta-Detasemen Khusus (Densus) 88 Antiteror Mabes Polri, Tuesday (25 / 1) yesterday, arrested six suspected terrorists. They were arrested in the village of Waru District Police Tray area Sukoharjo, Central Java. ”One of the suspects named Roki Apres Giyanto aka Antok (28) from Klaten. Antok arrests made at 10:00 am in Hamlet New Tegal RT 03 RW 07, Sukoharjo,”said Chief of Public Information (Kabag Penum) Polri Kombes Pol. Boy Rafli Amar.

Antok everyday work as a parking in the area Purwosari, Surakarta, near Solo Phone Centre. Antok is a former member of the group allegedly Hisbah one brain of terror in Sleman, Klaten, and Sukoharjo,”said Boy.

Kabag Penum explained that the evidence found is a series of explosives from the scene if a series of five bombs. But police did not comment on the possibility Antok is an escape training camp in Aceh.

Shared Wife

Roki Apres Sugianto arrested at his home. ”When was he with his wife, Evi, and her three children,”said Chairman of the local RT, Margono.

Roki Apres Sugianto day-to-day work as a handyman at the local park area Purwosari Solo Solo Center. Team Detachment 88 when arrested suspects were also seized three bags in which there is a series of wires and batteries. ”Roki Apres Sugianto now has taken Detachment 88, but his wife, Evi, and their three children did not join the officer was taken,”he said.

Terrorist suspects living in the area just four months ago moved from Hamlet Cangakan, Gatak, Sukoharjo. This is based on identification cards (KTP), which was reported in RT new dwellings. Roki Apres Sugianto before staying at the rented house had indeed been reported in RT, but after that also never get along with neighbors and have never participated in meetings that are conducted RT. ”Roki Apres Sugianto yang suka memakai celana panjang di atas mata kaki itu tampak pendiam dan terkesan tertutup,” katanya.

source : Bali Post

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