Merapi Tiger Starts Down to Magelang

MAGELANG – Tigers of the slopes of Mount Merapi seen wandering Karanganyar Hamlet, Village Ngargomulyo, Shaman District, Magelang regency, Central Java, since two nights ago.

“It’s been two nights in a row we know there are signs of leopard presence in our village,” Kemis (47) said, Chief of Hamlet Karanganyar, in Magelang, Monday (15/11/2010).

He said the animal sounds on Thursday and Friday night was a tiger. In fact, on Thursday night, he had shined the flashlight into a tiger near the cattle sheds when he was patrolling the local residents.

Most of the villagers, about six miles west of Mount Merapi’s peak, it is still located in various refugee camps.

This step was taken to avoid casualties due to the volcanic eruption of aftershocks in the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The number of local residents as much as 45 heads of families or 130 souls. During an eruption of Merapi, since October 26, 2010 to the present, about 10 residents, especially men, still survive in the local hamlet.

As for others, especially women, children and the elderly, are in refugee camps, especially in Muntilan.

“I know exactly if it is a tiger. There was spotted. Approximately of goats,” he said.

As he highlights the tiger, with a flashlight, the beast is then walked slowly left the corral local residents. “We do not interfere with the important principle,” he said.

Other local residents, Surandi (70), said she heard the sound tiger on Friday night.

“That night, a vigil in the village we deliberately did not approach the sound source. But it is the voice of a tiger,” he assured.

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