Merapi is Closed Fog This Morning

Yogyakarta – Mount Merapi began today with a relatively stable activity. But visually, especially from the south, this mountain can not be monitored directly because fog closed.

Based on data from seismograph Hall of the Mountain of Fire Investigation and Development (BPPTK) from 00:00 to 6:00 o’clock pm, there is no hot clouds. Volcanic earthquake occurred four times.

In addition, successive tremors continue to occur. To this extent has not recorded a tectonic earthquake.

Monday (11/15/2010), faintly visible Visually Merapi this morning. Based on the monitoring of AFP in Berbah, Sleman, the body of the mountain can not be seen because of clouds. While on a mountain top soaring clouds faintly visible towards the west.

Merapi fog this morning also complicate the observation in a number of postal workers. They did not get a perfect view on the most active volcano in the world.

“Merapi observed somewhat vague because fog closed,” said Naryo, the officer heading the observation of Medari Sleman, via handytalky at frequencies 149,070.

There was until this has not been any reports of rain on the slopes of Merapi. The rain is certainly wary because of the potential increase of water discharge to the rivers that disgorge on the mountain.

“There has been no report of rain. Let us monitor together,” explained BPPTK Nartono picket officer in conversation with AFP.

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