Truck Hit Two Car, Kills Six People, 14 Motorcycles, and 9 commercial Destroyed

Ungasan (Ajawa Post)

Deadly accident occurred at Uluwatu Street, near the Garuda Wisnu Kecana (GWK), Wednesday (13/10) yesterday afternoon. A Dum truck carrying limestone failed to be controlled by the driver, so that hit two cars, 14 motorcycles and 9 shop houses. Also, carrying six people were killed on the spot, dozens injured.

Death truck driver, Ali Mustafa, jump from the truck before the truck hit, so he was not seriously injured in a pileup yesterday afternoon. The driver has secured the police to account for trouble on the road that led to six lives have been lost in time. However, until last night, is not known how the results of this deadly truck driver.

Information on the scene, the limestone laden truck was going from the south toward the direction of Denpasar. At mile 19, exactly near the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Suddenly the truck broke through at high speed. The truck was running against the tide and hit everything in front of him.

Eyewitnesses, Putu Sudiandana (26) said, the truck drove at high speed directly hit two motorcyclists. Furthermore, nine shops in the east also hit the road. Inevitably, shophouses and stalls were destroyed. In fact, some people who were there also were injured.

The truck only stopped when it hit a utility pole. Large electric pole is broken instantly.
Once the truck stopped, residents in the immediate vicinity to help. The atmosphere at the scene was so tense. Apart from some wrecked motorcycle shops and stalls were destroyed, several residents who was hit in the middle and lying by the roadside. In fact, blood splattered everywhere. One by one victim was still alive or who died transported and was rushed to a hospital.

There are at least nine shop-houses and stalls were destroyed, 14 motorcycles wreck, two parked cars each carrying ice DK 9448 AN (one worker declared dead) and Carry cars with DK 9609 AQ were empty. As a result of this accident paralyzed lane Uluwatu Street Congestion and tintas lasts up to four hours more.

Then Poltabes Denpasar visible AKP Viyasa Bima Arya said, there were six deaths. Six people killed each Dewa Ayu Citra Widia, 19 (Banjar Curukan resident, Pejeng Village,  Tampaksiring Sub-district, Gianyar), I Made Widiana, 50 (Buduk Village resident, Mengwi Sub-district, Badung), Wiranata, 37 (Banjar Batur resident, Ubung, Denpasar Utara), Ali Mastur, 47 (Munduk Bayur resident, Jembrana), Agus Swandi, 28 ( Madura resident, Jawa Timur), and Lalu Hanggar, 25 ( Lombok Tengah, NTB).

In addition, at least 16 more victims were reported seriously injured. One of the victims dying IRD treated at Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, namely Rama Hika, 15 (adolescents who lived Housing Park No. 31 Jimbaran Kuta, South Kuta District, Badung). While 15 other injured victims reportedly immediately referred to Sanglah Hospital.

According to Director of Nursing and Medical Services Sanglah Hospital, Dr Anak Agung Ngurah Jayakusuma, except Rama Hika, all the victims who were taken to hospital in a state already dead. The average death toll suffered severe head injuries and broken bones. “They average chest injury, broken arms, broken legs and severe head injury,” explained Jayakusuma when found in the IRD NusaBali Sanglah Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Sanglah Party, said Jayakusuma, had received reports that there were 15 other serious injuries will be referred to Sanglah Hospital. However, until yesterday evening at 06:00 pm, only seven victims shipped. (Andie)

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