GWK is a Miracle


Did you know a story that may never revealed before about GWK?. Maybe if you have visited and are planning a visit to the GWK there have been many media that explains everything related to either GWK written and GWK guide or employee who explained in detail about the GWK.

But may never be told something that I write this. I dare say that the GWK is one of the wonders of God that had to be there.

I was a native of the land that is now established as the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. Formerly this place was the hills that still there are many trees and shrubs. One time I played there and come home I’m sick (Balinese say kesambet). That even sick jaundice developed into a variety of treatments have been done by my mother until one day my mother and father heard there was a fairly powerful and often treat people back to health. The man was named Kak Mangku Badra housed in Blahbatuh Gianyar Bali.

My parents called Kak Mangku Badra (hereafter I call the shaman) to our house, and I was treated by him. When it comes to treatment of the shaman magic discovery that I had to pray to the Flying (Where’s the water source under the statue of GWK) and dilukat (doused with water) there.

My parents were looking for a good day to conduct rituals. Because you need to know that the water in the lemur that sometimes there is sometimes no, if someone wanted to get holy water (tirta) lemur that there will be full of water but if it is not even the rainy season it will dry lemur. And by the time I was there dilukat (doused with water ), dry season (even very dry) around the year 1992-1993 when my third grade junior high school.

Both the awaited day that’s came, my parents brought me and the shaman went to perform prayers. Amid the shaman chant he said: “Oh, white shadow across intangible Anoman (white monkey in Ramayana Story)”, The Shaman spell continued a few moments later he said: “Oh, here there will be a very great temple which later became an icon of Bali“. I asked “what kind of temple?”, A very large temple, he said so. Close lemur that was in the open and because I want to get holy water, lemur that was full of water. And I started dilukat (doused with water ) by holy water and given by the shaman. My disease was cured until now.

After coming back from the lemur’s me because it’s shaped a lot of hills and bushes, we went home on foot and because it was not far from my house about 10 minutes’ walk. I always ringing in my hear that here there will be a large temple, the temple was like what?. My view swept across the hills and in my heart to say this is not possible, it is not possible, there will be here to cook a big temple.

Even when I graduated high school and since I graduated in UMPTN, I continue my study to ITS Surabaya I still wonder what kind of play that?.

Around the year 1998 I was college in Surabaya, I heard from my family in Bali that there would be laying of the stone by Tourism Minister Joop AP that time. The laying of the stone is as a basis for establishing Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. And at the time the new answered questions in my heart. Oh, this was a big temple is meant by the healer.

After I finished college I had also worked in Surabaya, by my parents, I was asked to go home. I went home and every time I have time to see Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue that had to be asked in my mind. In my heart this is spoken “ this is one God works a miracle and will become an icon of Bali”.

Although I have never worked or engaged in any of GWK, I always pray that this works quickly realized, and I believe any experienced processes or bypassed during the construction although this world fall down, I believe GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue) will continue to create the perfect .

In my dreamt, I already can see the perfect shape of GWK statue, so if you read this paper. I dare to invite you to come to the GWK, recreation there, thinking of a great work of God is perfect. Do not miss that you can also witness the grace of God in his work. And for you investors can invest there, and participating to accelerate the process of world development. Because GWK sooner or later must be fully formed and emit matchless beauty. Certainly will be the pride of this nation.

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