Beware of Fraud Through the Internet!!

pic, graphic by arjawapost

Beware of scams via email. Various ways are used by the fraudster to capture victims on the internet, they usually send emails to potential victims in various ways such as your congratulation to the winner lottery, or call the business sector cooperation.

They usually do not shrink from using the name of the bank / institution who is known in some countries of the world. They also often send photos or even a passport, to convince the victims.

Usually they pledged the money in such a large amount of $ 500,000 for the victims are interested in and then send some money in small amounts a little market to a designated bank account or through money transfer agency services like western union, and others.

It was difficult to discern what is truly a gift and which are fraudulent because they were used and even the professional field. I have a trick so you can know and avoid fraud cases, namely: Fraud is usually the end of the story they make by asking for money to the victims, usually the reason for the cost of their stamp, cost of transfers, taxes, and started on. If denied they usually offer to help pay half or all they could, and the rest are usually requested on the victims. So for whatever money they requested for any reason I dare to suggest to you ignore it, never sent money. If you send money until there is a possibility of their actions is to ask for money back to you for any reason, or they disappear without a trace. So be careful.

That was quick tips so you can avoid scams.

3 Responses to Beware of Fraud Through the Internet!!

  1. alexander says:

    Fuck Fraud……

  2. bond says:

    I hate the fraudster………

  3. James says:

    The dog is better than fraudster…………..

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